2019 Rising Stars

The Columbia Golf Foundation is proud to announce the return of our girls’ camp called Rising Stars ⭐️ At this camp your daughter will be placed in a group with other girls’ and paired with a Junior Mentor (High schoolers from Rock Bridge, Hickman, Battle, Tolton, and Harrisburg!). Together this group will practice their golf skills on and off the course. Our goal is to create friendships amongst the girls’, so they can have someone to play or practice with as they grow up. Along with having our junior mentors as a female role model for them to look up to and lead the way as an amateur golfer. At the end of each day, we will cool off and have refreshments while listening to speeches put on by our mentors. These talks will prepare these girls for playing in future competition, such as high school and tournaments in general. These topics will cover self-confidence, mental game, working as a team, etiquette, rules, and much more! On the last day, we will be having a field trip to Turkey Creek Golf Center in Jefferson City to use all of the skills learned from each camp day and have FUN😊

Sponsored by the MU HealthCare!!!

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